Do we use them?

Yes. Where you see links on this site to find prices on other sites, those are generally affiliate links. Which means Clone Pedal Index might get a comission if you buy something from that retailer. Lots of sites, YouTube creators, and ‘influencers’ (and more) use them.


To contribute towards the cost of the site. It would be good if we broke even on things like domain name, hosting, certain plugins. The total isn’t super expensive, but without any income it’s exactly that: an expense.

Of course, if we made a little bit on top, that wouldn’t be unwelcome. We don’t expect it to be a lot. And it may well just go back into the site – or into buying more pedals.

It’s definitely no way to ‘get rich quick’.

How does it work?

Cookies. A cookie is basically a little piece of information that stays on your device for anything from one day to 30 days, if you let it. It tells the retailer that puts it there who you are and that you came from Clone Pedal Index, in this case. If you buy something before it expires or before you delete it from your device, that retailer gives us a tiny share (we’re talking 1%, sometimes) of how much you spent, even if you bought something entirely different to the pedal you clicked about.

What does it mean for users?

Nothing, if you don’t want it to. Prefer not to click them? Totally fine. Want to block cookies? Absolutely up to you. Go to a different retailer? By all means. You still get that same price and the same experience.

The primary reason for having links to places you can find prices is to help you. That was the first idea. The concept of having those be affiliate links came after that.

We thought: Chances are you might want to buy a pedal if you see it’s supposed to be a clone of something that would otherwise cost hundreds. And if we’re sending you to Amazon, for example, to check prices there’s no sense in Amazon taking all that money.

We’re not trying trying to cheat or manipulate you. If you’re happy to click the links, cool. If you’re not, also cool. Completely up to you.

Why am I being sent to a site in the different country?

Either because there is no affiliate program for the version of the site that’s local to you – or we haven’t signed up for it. (Amazon and some others make you sign up individually to programs for .com,, .whatever, and it can be a pain.)

In other affiliate programs, some retailers use ‘geo targeting’ where they’ll work out what country you’re in and then send you to the right location. Assuming they didn’t get it wrong.

Alternatively, you might have just clicked on a link marked for a different country?

Some links go to product pages, some go to search pages. Why?

It’ll be down to the retailer and us trying to give you the best chance at finding something useful.

  • Amazon – We usually opt to send you to a search page because you can browse sellers and prices. Amazon prices go up and down all the time, so pointing you to what’s always going to be the cheapest product is hard. Plus stock comes and goes – and in some cases never to return. Wouldn’t want to point you to a product page that says it’s out of stock, despite other merchants still selling it.
  • eBay – This will probably be a search page again. Obviously listings don’t last very long so a link to one of them would only be relevant for a short while.
  • Reverb – Depends on the product. Reverb will sometimes have dedicated pages for all listings for a particular pedal if it’s popular. But a lot of these clone pedals aren’t retail hits, so a search page makes the most sense.
  • Thomann or Gear4Music – Likely a product page. These guys will tend to keep the same product page for a pedal forever, so we can be somewhat confident a link to that page will be useful for years.

Note: We don’t accept any liability for purchases you make on the sites linked to from Clone Pedal Index. The links aren’t endorsements of the products or the retailers. Any purchases are entirely at you’re own risk. We’re a website with lists of clone pedals, not a sales, investment, or financial advisor.