Behringer has produced lots of clone pedals. And in such large numbers that it’s gained a reputation for it. Lots of its effects sound great (and accurate), some less great, but all are available at a low price.

Behringer is well known for that small cost because it often means those bargain stompboxes are housed in plastic enclosures that mean some regard them as less reliable. Because of that, and the company’s tendancy to copy others’ homework, a Behringer clone pedal on your board is unlikely to score you kudos with other effects nerds. Unless it’s one of a select few stompboxes from the German audio equipment firm.

Behringer has produced a handful of effects clones that are nearly indistinguishable from rare, discontinued, or well-loved pedals. Having one of those on your pedalboard is more likely to earn you a knowing glance than a dimissive sneer.

We’ve listed all those pedals with the version they’re based on, as well as the rest of the Behringer’s copies of other effects.

Behringer guitar pedal clones table

Behringer pedalOriginal pedalBrandEffect type
Instrument/Amp Selector AB100AB-1 Active SelectorNobelsSwitcher
V-Tone Acoustic ADI 21SansAmp Para Driver DITech 21Preamp
Acoustic Modeler AM100/ AM300Acoustic Simulator AC-2BossSimulator
Ultra Acoustic Modeler AM400Acoustic Simulator AC-3BossSimulator
Bass Chorus BCH100 / Ultra Bass Chorus BUC400Bass Chorus CEB-3BossChorus
V-Tone Bass BDI 21SansAmp Bass Driver DITech 21Preamp/DI
Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700Bass Equalizer GEB-7BossEqualiser (EQ)
Bass Limiter Enhancer BLE100/BLE400Bass Limiter Enhancer LMB-3BossLimiter
Blues Overdrive BO100/BO300Blues Driver BD-2BossOverdrive
Bass Overdrive BOD100/BOD400Bass OverDrive ODB-3BossOverdrive
Bass Synthesizer BSY600Bass Synthesizer SYB-5BossSynthesiser
Ultra Bass Flanger BUF300Bass Flanger BF-2BBossFlanger
Chorus Space-C CC300Dimension C DC-2BossChorus
Chorus Space D CD-400Digital Space-D/Digital Dimension DC-3BossChorus
Compressor/Limiter CL9CP 9 Compressor/LimiterIbanezCompressor
Chorus Orchestra CO600Chorus Ensemble CE-5BossChorus
Compressor Sustainer CS100/CS400Compression Sustainer CS-3BossCompressor
Dynamics Compressor DC9Dyna Comp M102MXRCompressor
Digital Delay DD100/DD400Digital Delay DD-2/DD-3BossDelay
Digital Delay DD600Digital Delay DD-5BossDelay
Distortion Modeler DM100Distortion DS-1BossDistortion
Distortion Modeler DM100Distortion+MXRDistortion
Distortion Modeler DM100RatProCoDistortion
Digital Reverb DR100/DR600Digital Reverb RV-5BossReverb
Digital Reverb / Delay DR400Digital Reverb / Delay RV-3BossReverb/delay
Dynamic Wah / Human Voice DW400Dynamic Wah AW-3BossAuto Wah
Echo Machine EM600Echo ParkLine 6Delay
Graphic Equalizer EQ700Equalizer GE-7BossEqualiser (EQ)
Ultra Feedback / Distortion FD300Super Feedbacker & Distortion DF-2BossFeedbacker
Flanger Machine FL600Liqua-FlangeLine 6Flanger
Filter Machine FM600Otto FilterLine 6Auto Filter
V-Tone Guitar GDI 21SansAmp GT2Tech 21Preamp/DI
Hellbabe HB01Dime Cry Baby From Hell DB01DunlopWah
Heavy Distortion HD300Mega Distortion MD-2BossDistortion
Hi Band Flanger HF300Hi Band Flanger HF-2BossFlanger
Heavy Metal HM300Heavy Metal HM-2BossDistortion
Intelligate IG9Smart Gate M135MXRNoise gate
Noise Reducer NR100/NR300Noise Suppressor NS-2BossNoise gate
Overdrive Distortion OD100/OD300OverDrive/Distortion OS-2BossOverdrive/distortion
Overdrive OD400OverDrive OD-3BossOverdrive
Preamp Booster PB100Preamp/Booster Pre-1NobelsPreamp/booster
Phaser PH9EVH Phase 90MXRPhaser
Power Overdrive PO300Power Driver PW-2BossOverdrive
Rotary Machine RM600Roto-MachineLine 6Rotary modeller
Reverb Machine RV600VerbzillaLine 6Reverb
Spectrum Enhancer SE200Spectrum SP-1BossEQ/Booster
Super Fuzz SF300Hyper Fuzz FZ-2BossFuzz
Super Flanger SF400Flanger BF-3BossFlanger
Slow Motion SM200Slow Gear SG-1BossVolume/swell
Super Metal SM400Hyper Metal HM-3BossDistortion
Super Octaver SO400Super Octave OC-3BossOctaver
Super Phase Shifter SP400Phase Shifter PH-3BossPhaser
Tube Amp Modeler TM300SansAmp GT2Tech 21Preamp/DI
Tube Overdrive TO100Tube Screamer TS9IbanezOverdrive
Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800Tube Screamer TS808IbanezOverdrive
Ultra Tremolo/Pan TP300Tremolo/Pan PN-2BossTremolo/pan
Chromatic Tuner TU100/TU300Chromatic Tuner TU-3BossTuner
Ultra Chorus UC100/UC200Super Chorus CH-1BossChorus
Ultra Distortion UD100/UD300Turbo Distortion DS-2BossDistortion
Ultra Flanger UF100/UF300Flanger BF-2BossFlanger
Ultra Metal UM100/UM300Metal Zone MT-2BossDistortion
Ultra Octaver UO100/UO300Octave OC-2BossOctaver
Ultra Phase Shifter UP100/UP300Super Phaser PH-2BossPhaser
Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600Super Shifter PS-5BossPitch shifter/harmonist
Ultra Tremolo UT100/UT300Tremolo TR-2BossTremolo
Ultra Vibrato UV300Vibrato VB-2BossVibrato
Ultra Wah UW300Auto Wah AW-2BossWah
Ultra Fuzz UZ400Fuzz FZ-3BossFuzz
Vintage Bass VB1BassballsElectro-HarmonixEnvelope filter
Vintage Distortion VD1Big MuffElectro-HarmonixFuzz
Vintage Delay VD400Delay DM-3BossDelay
Vintage Time Machine VM1Deluxe Memory ManElectro-HarmonixDelay/Chorus/Vibrato
Vintage Phaser VP1Small StoneElectro-HarmonixPhaser
Vintage Tube Overdrive VT911Tube DriverBK ButlerOverdrive
Vintage Tube Monster VT999Tube King TK999HTIbanezOverdrive
Warp Distortion WD300Warp FactorHughes & KettnerDistortion
Distortion-X XD300Xtortion XT-2BossDistortion

Note: None of the manufacturers mentioned here have necessarily stated these pedals are clones of one another – so don’t take the above as gospel. In many cases the designs/graphics, features, and sounds make it clear one stompbox is supposed to be a copy of another. You be the judge whether they sound identical.

Want more proof? JHS Pedals head honcho, Josh Scott, did a round-up and sound comparison of some of the more notable and accurate Behringer stompbox clones. The man builds pedals, so he knows a little more about what’s going on under the (plastic) hood than your average forum-goer. He touches on Behringer’s background and how it’s able to do all the above at such low prices.