While Joyo has branched out into guitar amps and music performance accessories, it made its name by producing a range of reasonably priced, reasonably good-sounding guitar pedals. Several of which were clones that went on to become reasonably sought-after.

To help you find them, and to discover several other diamonds in the rough, we’ve put together the ultimate Joyo guitar pedal clone list.

Joyo guitar pedal clones table

Joyo pedalOriginal pedalBrandEffect type
Vintage Overdrive JF-01 Tube Screamer TS-808IbanezOverdrive
Ultimate Drive JF-02OCDFulltoneOverdrive
Crunch Distortion JF-03Crunch BoxMI AudioDistortion
High Gain Distortion JF-04ShredmasterMarshallDistortion
Classic Chorus JF-05CS 9 ChorusIbanezChorus
Vintage Phase JF-06Phase 90MXRPhaser
Classic Flanger JF-07FL 9 FlangerIbanezFlanger
Digital Delay JF-08DL 10 DelayIbanezDelay
Tremolo JF-09TremulatorDemeterTremolo
Dyna Compressor JF-10Compression Sustainer CS-2BossCompressor
6 Band Equalizer JF-11Six Band EQMXREqualiser (EQ)
Voodoo Octave Fuzz JF-12Ultimate OctaveFulltoneFuzz
AC Tone JF-13SansAmp LiverpoolTech 21Preamp
American Sound JF-14SansAmp BlondeTech 21Preamp
California Sound JF-15SansAmp CaliforniaTech 21Preamp
British Sound JF-16SansAmp BritishTech 21Preamp
Extreme Metal JF-17Metal MuffElectro-HarmonixDistortion
Power Tune JF-18N/AN/ATuner
DI Box JDI-01Red Box ClassicHughes & KettnerDI
AB Switch JF-30AB-2BossSwitcher
Noise Gate JF-31ISPDecimatorNoise gate
Hot Plexi JF-32PlexiTone (single channel)Carl MartinOverdrive
Analog Delay JF-33Deep Blue DelayMad ProfessorDelay
US Dream JF-34RiotSuhrDistortion
Pocket Metal JF-35Pocket Metal MuffElectro-HarmonixDistortion
Sweet Baby Overdrive JF-36Sweet Honey OverdriveMad ProfessorOverdrive
Analog Chorus JF-37Chorus CE-2BossChorus
Roll Boost JF-38Micro AmpMXRBoost
Deluxe Crunch JF-39N/AN/ADistortion

Note: None of the manufacturers mentioned here have necessarily stated these pedals are clones of one another – so don’t take the above as gospel. In many cases the designs/graphics, features, and sounds make it clear one stompbox is supposed to be a copy of another. You be the judge whether they sound identical.

Frequently asked questions: Joyo clone pedals

Does Joyo really make clones of all these pedals?

At a minimum, Joyo has made all the above pedals intending to emulate the effects on which they’re based. Clone pedals don’t necessarily copy their inspirations part for part, circuit for circuit, or control for control. As you might expect, the important part of a guitar stompbox clone is the sound.

Joyo and Harley Benton: What’s the difference?

Depending on the pedals you’re talking about, there isn’t any difference. German music retailer Thomann (which you’ll find in our price options above) has re-badged a lot of the Joyo pedals. Sometimes they look the same, sometimes they look a bit different. By most accounts, they sound exactly the same. It’s worth pointing out that there a lots of Harley Benton pedals and only a few of them are dupes of Joyo effects.

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