Mooer’s range of micro pedals features many clones of famous guitar stompboxes in small, board-friendly sizes while still offering huge sounds.

In fact, some of Mooer’s copies have been so close to their inspiration, the Chinese company has found itself in trouble. The first Mooer Tender Octaver had to be removed from sale when it was deemed to be suspiciously identical to the Electro-Harmonix Micro POG.

That pesky octaver and all its meddling siblings are covered in our full list of Mooer pedal clones. Sort the table by name, original brand, and effect type to easily find the clone you’re looking for.

Mooer guitar pedal clones table

Mooer pedalOriginal pedalBrandEffect type
AcoustikarAcoustic Simulator AC-2BossSimulator
Ana EchoDelay DM-2BossDelay
Black SecretRatProCoDistortion
BladeMetal MuffElectro-HarmonixDistortion
Blue CompCompression Sustainer CS-2BossCompressor/sustainer
Blue FazeFuzz FaceDunlopFuzz
Blues CrabBluesbreakerMarshallOverdrive
Blues MoodBlues Driver BD-2BossOverdrive
CruncherCrunch BoxMI AudioDistortion
Elec Lady (E-lady)Electric MistressElectro-HarmonixFlanger
Ensemble KingChorus CE-2BossChorus
Ensemble Queen BassBass Chorus CEB-3BossChorus
Flex BoostAC BoosterXoticBoost
FogWoolly MammothZVEXFuzz
Funky MonkeyAuto Wah AW-2BossAuto wah
Graphic GGraphic Equalizer GE601MaxonEqualiser (EQ)
Graphic BBass Equalizer GEB-7BossEqualiser (EQ)
Green MileTube ScreamerIbanezOverdrive
Grey FazeFuzz FaceArbiterFuzz
Hustle DriveOCDFulltoneOverdrive
Micro ABYSwitchbladeElectro-HarmonixSwitcher
Ninety OrangePhase 90MXRPhaser
Noise KillerDecimatorISPNoise gate
Pitch BoxSuper Shifter PS-5BossPitch shifter
Pure BoostRC BoosterXoticBoost
Pure OctaveSuper Octave OC-3BossOctaver
Rage MachineDeath MetalDigiTechDistortion
ReEchoDigital Delay DD-2BossDelay
RepeaterEcho Pro/DL4 Delay ModelerLine 6Delay
Rumble DriveZendriveHermida/LovepedalOverdrive
Shim VerbblueSkyStrymonReverb
Slow EngineSlow Gear SG-1BossVolume/swell
SweeperBassballsElectro-HarmonixEnvelope filter
Tender OctaverMicro POGElectro-HarmonixOctaver
Thunderball BassBass BloggerElectro-HarmonixFuzz/distortion
Triangle BuffBig Muff Pi (Triangle)Electro-HarmonixFuzz
Ultra DriveDistortion DS-1BossDistortion
Yellow CompCompressor CPR-1DiamondCompressor

Note: None of the manufacturers mentioned here have necessarily stated these pedals are clones of one another – so don’t take the above as gospel. In many cases the designs/graphics, features, and sounds make it clear one stompbox is supposed to be a copy of another. You be the judge whether they sound identical.

Inspired-by pedals

There are a handful of Mooer pedals that would be unfair to classify as clones, but they certainly appear to take some inspiration from well known effects. They might just share a little of the functionality (similar to how the Shimverb only tries to replicate the shimmer mode on the Strymon BlueSky), or take their design queues from similar units.

Mooer Soul Shiver and Strymon Lex

Their burnished orange exteriors make them look a little alike, and the Soul Shiver’s rotary effect overlaps with the Strymon Lex‘s primary purpose in life: to give you that Leslie spinner speaker sound.

The similarities end there, more or less. The Lex doubles down on the rotary controls (rotor speed, mic distance, horn level, preamp drive), while the Soul Shiver is less niche with chorus and vibrato modes that don’t make any appearance on the Strymon. The sound couldn’t be regarded as a replication, either.

Mooer SkyVerb and Strymon blueSky

While the Mooer Shimverb tries to ape the Strymon blueSky’s shimmer mode (albeit by harmonising at fifths not at an octave), the SkyVerb has certainly been taking style tips from the blueSky and copying its homework with some similar features. Both have a pale blue chassis, a plate mode, and a room/studio mode.

Mooer Triangolo and Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe

Both have waveform and subdivision selectors, speed and depth controls, as well as tap tempo. But is it a ‘clone’? That’s probably a bit of a stretch – Wampler’s unit has space, attack, and volume knobs. It’s a slightly better match than the Diamond TRM1 Tremolo as the Mooer and Wampler are digital, while the Diamond is proudly analogue.

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